Red River Archaeology! A new chapter for Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd in the UK

As with the majority of pro-active businesses operating in the shared market of Britain and Ireland, Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd has been monitoring the on-going Brexit negotiations and has determined that significant changes are required in order to de-risk the sustained development and growth of the company within the new emerging economic environment. We have restructured our business to create two distinct operating companies which will operate within the restructured political and economic jurisdictions which will emerge later this year. This strategy will protect the fantastic track record we have built in Britain and Ireland and allow us to develop and strengthen the services we offer to our clients on both sides of the Irish Sea.

Red River Archaeology Ltd, a new UK registered company commenced operations in March. Where possible, existing contracts will be novated or sub-contracted from Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd to Red River Archaeology Ltd. The new company will be under the directorship of Mark Collard, Dave Gilbert and Claire Shepherd and our UK based staff will move over to the new UK company. So business as usual with a new name and logo!

Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd will continue to trade in Ireland but will no longer procure new projects outside of the EU. Existing contracts in Britain will be honoured and completed. Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd will be served by a board of Patricia Long, Ross Macleod and Bernie Carney.


Both companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Red River Archaeology Group Ltd which is an Irish Registered Company. Red River Archaeology Group Ltd will provide overall strategic direction and other core services to the operating companies in the UK and Ireland. The board of the Group Company will continue to be Chaired by John Bowen with Colm Moloney acting as the Group CEO.

Published by Colm Moloney

I am an archaeologist with over 30 years experience. I have worked extensively in Ireland, England and Scotland. Major projects have included managing the fieldwork programme for the M1A1 Link in Yorkshire, The New Scottish Parliament Excavations in Edinburgh and the M9 Motorway between Carlow and Kilcullen in Ireland.

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