Tailored Staff Development Pays Dividends

Red River Archaeology Group has an ongoing commitment to tailored staff development and continuing career support. The company values the benefits that motivated, well trained staff bring to both our operations and our clients. We currently have several sponsored training programmes, two of which have recently come to fruition.

In May 2018 we reported on our long-term commitment to expanding our project management capacity within our Cardiff office. The company sponsored Rachel Morgan to undertake a Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership, by enrolling in the Leadership and Management programme run by Cardiff Metropolitan University. With the completion of this course in February 2019 we are delighted to see Rachel take up a new role as Project Manager, bringing the knowledge and skills learnt to supplement our experienced management team. With training specifically tailored for the construction industry our clients can be confident that Rachel is well placed to understand their exact needs and tailor our services accordingly.

Red River Archaeology is also pleased to see Victoria Rees take a new appointment as Finds and Archive Manager. This follows on from Victoria successfully completing her sponsored MSc modules in Environmental Archaeology with the Institute of Archaeology, UCL. These new skills build on her broad wealth of experience within post-excavation and her commercial awareness. Victoria will be taking the lead of our Cardiff based post-excavation team to ensure the timely production of post-excavation reports and archives. These reports are critical to our clients planning requirements, and the delivery of archives can be the deciding factor to allow the discharge of planning conditions.

As part of her course Rachel produced a 3-year growth strategy for Red River Archaeology. With the uncertainties of a post-Brexit economy looming this document will be invaluable as the company seeks not only to maintain our excellent track record of service, but expand our market share across the UK. This is an aim that both of these appointments will help to see fulfilled, as our capacity to deliver quality projects is increased.

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