Quality Guaranteed!

CIfA’s Registered Organisation scheme is a unique quality assurance scheme. It is a badge of commitment to professional standards and competence. When you employ a Registered Organisation you can be confident that it has been assessed and found to be professional and accountable.

Red River Archaeology Group Ltd comprising Red River Archaeology Ltd and Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd has been included in the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIFA) Register of Organisations for 2019 to 2020. The ‘RO’ status is the kite mark of quality within the commercial archaeology sector.

Why use a CIFA Registered Organisation?

Registered Organisations have demonstrated the requisite skills to:

  • Provide informed and reliable advice
  • Execution of work appropriate to the circumstances, minimising uncertainty, delay and cost
  • Subscribe to codes of professional conduct and practice

Assessed – Registration is for a finite period, after which organisations must re-apply. They undergo rigorous peer review, and are subject to an inspection (which includes a site visit for organisations that undertake intrusive works).

Professional – Registered Organisations are strictly bound to the CIfA Code of conduct (PDF file) and other regulations, they must work in accordance with defined policies and procedures, and comply with current best practice. They will fully document their work, findings and advice, carry adequate professional insurance, and be committed to providing their staff with a fair employment package and the CIfA’s minimum salaries.

Accountable – Registered Organisations are subject to sanctions if they fail to comply with the scheme and can ultimately be removed from the Register. A complaints procedure also exists formally to address allegations of professional misconduct.

Where you see the Registered Organisation logo, you can be confident that the organisation has demonstrated they have the skills to provide informed and reliable advice and execute appropriate schemes of work while minimising uncertainty, delays and cost.

Published by Colm Moloney

I am an archaeologist with over 30 years experience. I have worked extensively in Ireland, England and Scotland. Major projects have included managing the fieldwork programme for the M1A1 Link in Yorkshire, The New Scottish Parliament Excavations in Edinburgh and the M9 Motorway between Carlow and Kilcullen in Ireland.

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