Workplace Gender Equality at Red River Archaeology

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and we posted on social media our thanks to all the ladies that work at Red River Archaeology and help make the company the a success. While the day highlights these social concerns they should not be forgotten about for the rest of the year, and we believe people should expect an equal opportunity to shine.

Surveys conducted by the Chartered Institute for Archaeologist have suggested that “the workforce in British archaeology has notably less women over the age of 40, translating to a lack of women in senior roles”. We are proud of the fact that we have gender parity in such roles from our Site Supervisors and Project Officers to Project Managers and other senior management positions.

Our internal training programmes place emphasis on progression within the company, allowing staff members to move up the grades. Therefore we fully believe that the gender parity we have achieved is now a sustainable part of the company structure. We full expect our Site Supervisors of today to florish into our Project Managers of tomorrow.

This situation was not achieved by diversity planning or design, but has organically grown by the individual merits of each staff member. It realy does show what people can achieve if given a fair and equal opportunity.

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