Red River Archaeology (RRA) and Covid-19

This statement has been prepared in response to the global pandemic of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) and its growing presence within the United Kingdom. We are committed to complying with Government and Official Medical Guidance and assisting in the control of COVID-19 in our employees and all others affected by our works.

We have implemented a detailed companywide action plan in order to facilitate this. We support and fully observe the measures identified in the Construction Sector – Site Operating Procedures Protecting Your Workforce During Coronavirus (Covid-19) issued by the Construction Leadership Council. We have created specific procedures and policies to deal with Covid-19.

Red River Archaeology (RRA) remains open for business and our team can be contacted via email or phone as usual. Through detailed assessment, planning and mitigation measures, we have continued to maintain operations on two major infrastructure sites and are able to continue to deliver fieldwork services for the construction sector, where we can assure safe working environments. Do get in touch if we can assist you.

Our Assurance

We will communicate regularly and efficiently with all our staff, clients and suppliers and will ensure that:

  • Appropriate additional control measures are implemented across all of our sites and office locations, that are in line with Government and Official Medical Guidance, aimed at reducing the spread of infection and ensuring the safety of all who work for us and with us. Supplier and Sub-contractor staff will of course be treated in the same way as RRA employees and afforded all of the same information and additional controls.
  • All staff are appropriately informed and have knowledge of up-to-date guidance and safe methods of working.
  • All travel and meetings will be minimised, utilising conference call capabilities and internet communication software.
  • All guidance and action plans will be reviewed at regular intervals, in line with Government and Official Medical Guidance as well as best practice.

We look forward to working with you on our current projects, and in the future.

For more information please consult the following:

Please stay safe

Issued 17 April 2020

by the Directors of Red River Archaeology Ltd

Published by Colm Moloney

I am an archaeologist with over 30 years experience. I have worked extensively in Ireland, England and Scotland. Major projects have included managing the fieldwork programme for the M1A1 Link in Yorkshire, The New Scottish Parliament Excavations in Edinburgh and the M9 Motorway between Carlow and Kilcullen in Ireland.

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