Workplace Gender Equality at Red River Archaeology

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and we posted on social media our thanks to all the ladies that work at Red River Archaeology and help make the company the a success. While the day highlights these social concerns they should not be forgotten about for the rest of the year, and we believe people shouldContinue reading “Workplace Gender Equality at Red River Archaeology”

Red River Archaeology awarded CHAS accreditation

We are pleased to announce that the hard work and dedication to a safer working environment shown by our staff has led to Red River Archaeology Ltd being accredited by CHAS to meet the standards in line with SSIP core criteria to the requirements of the CDM Regulations 2015. As part of our efforts toContinue reading “Red River Archaeology awarded CHAS accreditation”

Tailored Staff Development Pays Dividends

Red River Archaeology Group has an ongoing commitment to tailored staff development and continuing career support. The company values the benefits that motivated, well trained staff bring to both our operations and our clients. We currently have several sponsored training programmes, two of which have recently come to fruition. In May 2018 we reported onContinue reading “Tailored Staff Development Pays Dividends”

Red River Archaeology sponsor IARSS 2019

Red River Archaeology are proud to sponsor the 22nd annual Iron Age Research Student Symposium hosted at Cardiff University. The Iron Age Research Student Symposium (IARSS) is an annual event for researchers studying the Iron Age. This year’s event is organised and hosted by postgraduate students from Cardiff University’s Archaeology department from the 29th ofContinue reading “Red River Archaeology sponsor IARSS 2019”